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Lyrics - You're Not Right

You're Not Right
1. You're Not Right
2. Babysitter

1. You're Not Right

well i wanna know why
you put me outta line (?)
and tell me that everything is cool
and close your eyes

you just don't know
how that hurts me so
and what can i do to
promise you to let me go (?)

well was it something that i said
or something that i did
something that i lost
or something that i hid
tell me once again was it something that i said

it's just not right (ba-chupa, ba-ba-ba-chupa)
it's just not right
it's just not right (ba-chupa)
that you won't tell me goodnight

i wanna know why
everytime i try
to make sense of you
you turn your back and don't reply

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2. Babysitter

she says she's babysitting tonight
she says come over, it's alright

on the couch with my special one
but don't tell me that we won't have fun

yeah, ya know we'll have the t.v. on
aren't we glad that the folks are gone

she went to see if the kids were asleep
she says they're quiet except for one little creep
we can't start kissing and i'll tell you why
we can't start kissing 'cause the kid's a little spy


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