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Lyrics - The Only One

The Only One
1. The Only One
2. Dokken Roll
3. Perfect Girl
4. Blue Moon Diner

1. The Only One

you talk about me like i'm not even there
you must think i'm a loser and i don't even care

but when you smile and say
you want me to go away
that's when i know that
everything is okay

you're the only one that i'm dreamin' of
and i think it's so rad
cause' when i look at you i know it's love
of a different type whoa-oh-oh-whoa-yeah

you make me look so stupid in front of all my friends
you want to make time to love me but the fighting never ends

and when i kneel to pray
and thank god for you each day
that's when i know that
everything is okay

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2. Dokken Roll

got off work 5 minutes ago
let's go to a rock and roll show
dokken's playin' the big kahuna
frampton's rockin' at the stone balloon-a
get your girl and come along
if she likes them load rock and roll songs
in a minute we'll be late for the door
by then they won't be sheckin' id's no more

got rock and roll in my skin
that rock and roll is my friend
rock and roll till the end

started when i was just 13
mom was rockin' to bruce springsteen
now she's too old and it's too loud
and she's screamin' to turn it down

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3. Perfect Girl

first time i saw her face
i knew she was the one
but every word i thought to say
just sounded so dumb

i never even talked to her
she'll never know how i love her
well it's time at last
you know i got to say that

girl is the perfect girl for me, oh-yeah
well that girl is the perfect girl for me, oh-yeah

turned on the t.v. set
'cause i do get bored
glad thanks to juliet (?)
she's my perfect girl

and you can say that i'm so stupid
but i don't care i've got to tell her

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4. Blue Moon Diner

(no words - instrumental)

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