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Lyrics - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
1. Pencil Neck
2. I Don't Wanna Sit Around With You
3. Dies Saught
4. Wimpy Drives Through Harlem
5. We Don't Care
6. FFT
7. Aloha, It's You
8. Don't Beat Me Up
9. Goddess And The Geek
10. JW
11. Alison's The Bomb
12. She's A Brat
13. I Don't Want You
14. I'm No Good
15. All She Knows
16. Bubblegum Girl
17. Veronica
18. She's Alright
19. Jeannie Hates The Ramones
20. Drexel U
21. Cracked
22. Rock 'N' Roll Girl

1. Pencil Neck

(no words - instrumental)

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2. I Don't Wanna Sit Around With You

you're a punk but i don't know
why you don't shower
or change your clothes

and i don't wanna sit around with you
and i don't wanna do the things you do
you're ugly and your breath smells bad too
and i don't wanna sit around with you

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3. Dies Saught

dies saught, wir saugen
du saugen, dies saught
mike saugt, cliff saugt
brad saugt, mike saugt

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4. Wimpy Drives Through Harlem

wimpy drives through Harlem
watch him there he goes
wimpy drives through Harlem
passing down the road

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5. We Don't Care

mom's yellin' get a job
dad's callin' me a slob
but i don't wanna work
for no minimum wage
i was late for class again
teacher gave me detention
and she said boy you better
start actin' your age

i wake up every single day
tryin' to think up a way
to get through
without gettin' pushed around by you

and i say woh-oh-oh-oh
and you say woh-oh-oh-oh
and we just don't care about that anyway

all the jocks think i'm a geek
they beat me up 3 times a week
and i couldn't get a girl to save my life
my neighbor says i got no taste
he thinks that my whole life is a waste
this comin' from a guy that beats his wife

parents are thinkin'
principal wants to send me
on a long vacation
but they don't know about me
it's more than what they see
i'm not a teenage sickie
i know that 1 and 1 is not 3

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6. FFT

sitting in my room the thoughts
are flying through my head
tast inside my brain is tart
the contract's on my bed
smell the smell of cigar smoke
and i know who it is
ideas are dumb the doors are shut
the messages are his

my buddly al drove off a cliff
and ran into a nail
he licks his wounds and wonders
how the tooth drove him to fail
he hates to park his car
downtown on 16th avenue
sometimes her eyes are green
and other times i think they're blue

my sister is a mother
and my mother is a chore
my brother is a junkie
for the c.o. music boards
i knew this guy who was so lazy
and he was so dumb
he slept all day and lost his job
and now he is a bum

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7. Aloha, It's You

you're callin' to say hellow now
it's been 14 days and i don't know how
to deal with you not bein' here
it breaks my heart
you sound like you're havin' fun and
i wish you'd miss me
more than you do

i'm sick of talkin' to myself
i want you and no one else
but you're too far away to hear

what i got to say
what i got to say
and i just can't wait

i'm dreamin' about hawaii
the surf and the sand, you hangin' with me
but you're gone before too long
and i feel blue
you won't be here to see and changes
to hold on to me
to hold back my tears

and it's just not fair
that i can't be there
seems like you don't care, yeah, yeah

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8. Don't Beat Me Up

walk down the street and i see you from my way
i look at you you look at me
but none of words are said
i walk on right by you
but to my surprise
you're comin' up behind me
with four other guys

you said that your the man
and i am just a geek
you gotta lot of problems
you take them out on me
well you can take my wallet
you can take my shoes
they follow you just wannabes just what you trying to prove

you think you're really something
you hit just like your mom
well if your going to do it better take you best shot
i know it's going to hurt you
just upside my face and numb
but you won't be the first jock
that put me in the hospital

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9. Goddess And The Geek

i don't know much about anything
but i know that i like you
i see you walking down the hall
but i don't know what to do

cause i wanna talk to you
but i don't know what to say
i just don't know what you'll think
you look so cool hangin' after school
and i'm such a geek whoa-oh-oh-oh

do my homework saturday night
like i always do
instead of thinkin' bout algebra
i'm only thinkin' bout you

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10. JW

no he doesn't like to drink
and he doesn't care what people think
when he tells them he loves god

and nobody seens to care
that he's lost a lot of hair
and that he still lives with his mom

someday i hope to meet him
talk to him face to face
i'd get him to autograph
my sunshine junior tapes

jonni walker woh-oh
he's just the coolest kid in town
everybody wants to be just like him
but nobody knows just how

jonni walker woh-oh
he's the envy of my eye
if i could i'd change my name
to start with a "j" and end with an "i"

well he's got himself a band
and he prefers to stand
up front at all the shows

he writes cool songs about his girl
and about friends and about his girl
and stuff that everybody already knows

someday i hope to meet him
but i know i'm not worthy
there's nobody cooler
'cept that jon from new jersey

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11. Alison's The Bomb

where did that girl come from
must have been straight outta heaven
and in---to my life
she makes me feel complete
and she treats me oh so sweet
and now i'm feelin' allright

there's not another like her
in the whole wide world
she's just the coolest
little punk rock girl whoa-whoa

alison's the bomb
alison's the bomb and you know she's just so rad

she took my breath away
when i met her that summer day
playing at the rock and roll show
she's always on my mind
and if she was mine
you know i'd never let her go

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12. She's A Brat

when she was young nobody wanted to babysit her
now she's all grown up and all i want to do is hit her
yeah she's such a pain she's rattling my brain
she's so annoying and she's going to drive me insane

she's a brat
and she's always at my door
she's a brat
i can't stand that girl no more
yeah yeah yeah
she's a brat

she steals the candy from the kids on halloween
knocks over all the trashcans in the neighborhood how mean

she likes to run around and scream and yell all night
look at her funny and she'll try to pick a fight
all the neighbors say her heads not screwed on tight
yeah there's something about that girl that ain't right

some people say it's just a form of self expression
i don't care somebody out to teach that girl a lesson

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13. I Don't Want You

you said that you'd be true
baby said that you'd be true
i don't care, i don't care

i don't want you
don't want you
i don't want you anymore

you saod that you'd be mine
baby said that you'd be mine
i don't care, i don't care

i want you i want you to stay
but i guess that it just can't be that way

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14. I'm No Good

she was lookin' all sad and lonely
like she lost her one and only
and i was broke
and had nothin' to do
standin' by the soda machine
she looked so pretty
she looked so clean
and when i saw her
you know i couldn't let go

record on the jukebox gettin' old
the only thing she knows
is what she's told

hangin' out at the tastee freeze
she caught my eye like a disease
and all her friends are tellin' her
that i'm no good
it makes me smile
yeah it makes me laugh
they frown on me
and they walk right past
but not her, they were gone
and there she stood

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15. All She Knows


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16. Bubblegum Girl

met this girl at the fashion bug
wanted to give her a great big hug
i asked her where she's from i was acting really dumb
can't believe she asked me for a piece of my gum

the day i met her
we ran all over town
i won't forget how
we threw our wrappers on the ground oh-oh yeah

she's alright on the radio
here it goes oh-oh-oh-oh
a chance like this isn't one i wanna miss
wouldn't trade it even for a chance to meet kiss

she's my bubblegum girl
bu-bu-bu-bu bubblegum girl

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17. Veronica

woh-oh veronica, i think i love you
i never wanna put anybody above you, no
'cause you're the only one for me

veronica i wanna kiss you
don't wanna give myself a chance to miss you, no
'cause you're the coolest girl for me

do you remember the night at the dance
when i walked up to you and i took your hand
and we danced all night and i held you s tight?

do you remember the night when i walked you home
and all the times we talked on the telephone?
and all the silly things you said to me?

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18. She's Alright

sittin' around doin' nothin'
cause that's what i like to do
can't go more than 23 seconds
without thinkin' about you
your heart is good and
if i could i know oh-oh
i'd stay with you like I know
i should 'cause i know oh-oh

oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh
oh-oh oh-oh she's alright

call you up on the telephone
just to hear your sweet sweet voice
dinner at mcdonalds or taco bell
i'll let you have your choice
'cause what you want is what you'll get
you'll see oh-oh
it's alright yeah it's all good
with me oh-oh
'cause you're just my type

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19. Jeannie Hates The Ramones

jeannie had a birthday
so i took her to go see the ramones play
she complained and whined
the whole time we were there
and acted like she didn't even care

now jeannie's got a problem
if she want's to live without'em
then she'll have to live without me

cuz' jeannie hates the ramones

she always turns my records off
and turns in their direction when she coughs
now joey's got spit bubble on his face
i swear that girl is such a mental case

it almost makes my ears go numb
when she says gabba gabba dumb
i just don't know what else to do
i think she must be sniffin' glue

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20. Drexel U

saw you walkin' over on south street
bored, lookin' for something new
well, i know the somethin' that you might think
is the perfect thing to do

yeah we're goin' to drexel u
'cause it's the perfect thing to do
and we got nowhere else to go to
so we're goin' to drexel u, hey!

if you don't wanna, you don't have to go
but i know you'll like it a lot
nobody bothers anybody there, no
it's the perfect place to rock

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21. Cracked

you're strung out on cocaine every single day
you're whole life's in shambles in every single way
you smoke dope you rest checked you smoked all the rest
you're diggin' in your pocket but you're money's almost spent

you come to the man and try to score on him
why don't you stop why don't you quit
cause you're a crackhead
and that's all you'll ever be
you're a crackhead
and you're not thinking about me
you're a crackhead
and i wanna try to help
but you're a crackhead
you wanna do it all yourself

you started on first though but you hadn't really grew
stealin' from the corner store and mom and daddy too
you lost all of your faith you lost all of your friends
you're tasted and your wasted and your high it never ends

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22. Rock 'N' Roll Girl

saw this girl walkin' down the street
seemed like the kind that i would wanna meet
what should i say? i really don't know
would you like to come to a rock 'n roll show?

she said cool, i said great
i can't believe that i really have a date
it's so exciting that this could be
the one and only girl for me

she's my rock n roll girl
she's my rock n roll girl
wouldn't trade her for anything in the world
she's my rock n roll girl

things were goin' great, couldn't be better
introduced her to sydney leather
they started rockin' and groovin' real load
and we both got lost in the crowd

i caught up with her after the show
and, oh my gosh what do you know?
she was hangin' out with the band
and when she walked out, whe was holdin' darrell's hand

he stole my rock n roll girl
he stole my rock n roll girl
wouldn't trade her for anything in the world
he stole my rock n roll girl

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