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Lyrics - Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen
1. I Really Don't Like It
2. Mom's In Rehab
3. JW
4. She's Probably Over Me
5. Nicki Loves Her LSD
6. She's So Uncool
7. You Again
8. Martin's Pretty Girls
9. She's Comin' To The Show
10. Teenage Queen
11. She's Alright
12. Rock N' Roll Girl
13. Heidi Hates Me
14. Veronica
15. Drexel U
16. Heavy Metal's Alive In Baltimore
17. There She Goes
18. Secret Agent Johnny Bravo
19. Be My Baby
20. rytaeL yendyS

1. I Really Don't Like It

oh-oh i really don't like it
oh-oh i really don't like it
what you're doin' to me
what you're sayin' to me

have you lost your mind or just your head?
so obvious you didn't mean a word you said

is this something typical
of your altered physical
or am i just denying that i'm wrong?

thoughts of leaving racin' through my mind
i'd brake, but it's not the first, second or third time

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2. Mom's In Rehab

my mom's been going downtown again
i think she's back on that old heroin
she sleeps all day and she stays out all night
something tells me that she's not alright

gonna send her on a little vacation
off to rehabilitation
'cause i just can't stand it anymore

mom's in rehab
mom's in rehab
again woh-oo-woh-oh-oh

took her on the montel williams show
if she listened well i just don't know
she better clean herself up pretty fast
'cause how much longer can my patience last?

she took an overdose
and now she's comatose
and now i think she's goin' down again

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3. JW

no he doesn't like to drink
and he doesn't care what people think
when he tells them he loves god

amd nobody seens to care
that he's lost a lot of hair
and that he still lives with his mom

someday i hope to meet him
talk to him face to face
i'd get him to autograph
my sunshine junior tapes

jonni walker woh-oh
he's just the coolest kid in town
everybody wants to be just like him
but nobody knows just how

jonni walker woh-oh
he's the envy of my eye
if i could i'd change my name
to start with a "j" and end with an "i"

well he's got himself a band
and he prefers to stand
up front at all the shows

he writes cool songs about his girl
and about friends and about his girl
and stuff that everybody already knows

someday i hope to meet him
but i know i'm not worthy
there's nobody cooler
'cept that jon from new jersey

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4. She's Probably Over Me

we went to sunday school together, ah-ah
she was the first girl that i kissed
i thought i'd be with her forever, ah-ah
we'd share a life of hapiness

but things didn't work our fine
i didn't want to waste her time
and i couldn't find the words to say to her
but she's probably

she's probably over me now
she's probably over me now
she's probably oh-oo-over me

we'd pass notes back and forth in church, ah-ah
and laugh about the preacher's hair
we'd cand hunt through her mom's purse, ah-ah
and sometimes we'd just sit and stare

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5. Nicki Loves Her LSD

nicki loves her lsd
she loves it more than she loves me
and she's so far gone i'll never get her back

she was such a sweet little girl
got lost in a big dark world
they took her heart away
now there's no price that she won't pay

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6. She's So Uncool

well sometimes i think
she was born without a brain
'cause even when she tries
to make sense she still sounds insane
oh, but please don't get the wrong idea
'cause i love my mom to death
and please don't think that i'm being mean
but there's something about her breath

and she doesn't even know
and she doesn't even care
and she doesn't even have a clue
she's so uncool

well she likes to drive
all around in her car
but goin' 15 miles per hour
doesn't get her very far
well i really hate to say it
but life with my mom sucks
if she likes my band so much
than what's with that ten bucks?

well, i just can't wair for the day
when all this madness ends
she still insists on kissing me
in front of all my friends

embarrassing me with that hair
i'm looking like a fool
somebody really needs to tell her
that she's just not cool

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7. You Again

another bad thing's happened in my life
i don't know what i'll do
don't know what made me think
i'd be okay with you

now i know i'm never gonna be with you again
now i know i'm never gonna be with you again
oh, oh, oh-oh

tried to keep it together
i've said everything
i thought you'd wanna hear
but it didn't happen

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8. Martin's Pretty Girls

well she was just about the prettiest girl
that he ever saw but
everybody knows that when you're with a pretty girl
things usually turn out wrong
'cause they know what they want
and they know they can get it

all he wants is a pretty girl
all he wants is a pretty girl
all he wants is a pretty girl
all marty wants is a pretty girl

well he worked hard all night and day
just to have her by his side
but she threw away all the money he made
and he lost all his pride
well she knew what she wanted
and she knew she would get it

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9. She's Comin' To The Show

got the call an hour ago
said she's comin' to the show
oh no what are we gonna do now
because whenever she's there
i can stand and i stare at her long brown hair
and it all falls apart somehow

there'll be now rock and roll tonight
the sound is really gonna stink
when she's right under the spotlight
i can't think

maybe the rain will keep her away
a flat front tire or a broken leg
maybe she'll just wanna stay at home
and we'll rock all night
i won't drop my pick and i'll get all the words right
but if she's there then we'll be doomed

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10. Teenage Queen

she's got a job at mcdonalds but i don't care
she's had a lot of strange colors in her hair
but her job and her hair are cool by me, oh yeah

all my friends say that she's so mean
always achin' to cause a nasty scene
but they don't understand her like i do, not you

in a world of perfect fantasy
you're probably the coolest one for me, oh yeah

would you be my teenage queen
if i was you're teenage king?
would you sit upon a throne?
would you let me call you my own?

i'll follow her wherever she goes
she gets off early to come to all my shows
and sometimes she complains
but i'm glad she's there, right there

sometimes we scream and sometimes we fight
but it's always cool at the end of the night
and i feel real happy cause i know she's mine, all mine

in a world of perfect thinkin'
we're probably doin' a lot of stinkin'
oh yeah, oh yeah

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11. She's Alright

sittin' around doin' nothin'
cause that's what i like to do
can't go more than 23 seconds
without thinkin' about you
your heart is good and
if i could i know oh-oh
i'd stay with you like I know
i should 'cause i know oh-oh

oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh-oh
oh-oh oh-oh she's alright

call you up on the telephone
just to hear your sweet sweet voice
dinner at mcdonalds or taco bell
i'll let you have your choice
'cause what you want is what you'll get
you'll see oh-oh
it's alright yeah it's all good
with me oh-oh
'cause you're just my type

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12. Rock N' Roll Girl

saw this girl walkin' down the street
seemed like the kind that i would wanna meet
what should i say? i really don't know
would you like to come to a rock 'n roll show?

she said cool, i said great
i can't believe that i really have a date
it's so exciting that this could be
the one and only girl for me

she's my rock n roll girl
she's my rock n roll girl
wouldn't trade her for anything in the world
she's my rock n roll girl

things were goin' great, couldn't be better
introduced her to sydney leather
they started rockin' and groovin' real load
and we both got lost in the crowd

i caught up with her after the show
and, oh my gosh what do you know?
she was hangin' out with the band
and when she walked out, whe was holdin' darrell's hand

he stole my rock n roll girl
he stole my rock n roll girl
wouldn't trade her for anything in the world
he stole my rock n roll girl

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13. Heidi Hates Me

first time i met her was at bible study
it started then now heidi hates me
she's leavin' the romm every time we play a show
and every time she does it i hust wanna know oh why?

heidi hates me so
heidi hates me so-o-o-o
heidi hates me so
heidi heidi ho

could it be 'cause i bought your boyfriend's bike
or that it took a year now it's alright
ya talk bad about the band every chance ya get
and all i wanna know is when you're gonna quit oh-oh

saw her at the sunshine house
she didn't crack a smile
extended her my hand
but she kept walkin' down the aisle

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14. Veronica

woh-oh veronica, i think i love you
i never wanna put anybody above you, no
'cause you're the only one for me

veronica i wanna kiss you
don't wanna give myself a chance to miss you, no
'cause you're the coolest girl for me

do you remember the night at the dance
when i walked up to you and i took your hand
and we danced all night and i held you so tight?

do you remember the night when i walked you home
and all the times we talked on the telephone?
and all the silly things you said to me?

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15. Drexel U

saw you walkin' over on south street
bored, lookin' for something new
well, i know the somethin' that you might think
is the perfect thing to do

yeah we're goin' to drexel u
'cause it's the perfect thing to do
and we got nowhere else to go to
so we're goin' to drexel u, hey!

if you don't wanna, you don't have to go
but i know you'll like it a lot
nobody bothers anybody there, no
it's the perfect place to rock

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16. Heavy Metal's Alive In Baltimore

all the cool guys in the tight black jeans
and the long teased hair makin' the scene
tonights the night this is the place to be
all my friends, the ramones and be

oh yeah, let me in the door
oh yeah, i want some more
heavy metal's alive in baltimore

all the cool girls in the tight leather skirts
and the high heel shoes and the vince neil shirts
there's no other place to be
hey ho, let's go get a lobotomy

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17. There She Goes

i know a girl, she's not just any girl, oh yeah
she's so right, gonna be her guy, oh yeah
and i can't wait to tell her she's great, oh yeah
she's so neat, gonna sweep her off her feet, oh yeah

but there she goes runnin' after him
there she goes, it ain't right
there she goes runnin' after him tonight

there she goes of to the show
there she goes, oh no
there she goes off to the show, oh no

i know another girl, and she's really cool, oh yeah
i'll ask her for a date if it's not too late, oh yeah
and i can't wait to tell her she's great, oh yeah
she's so neat, gonna sewwp her off her feet, oh yeah

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18. Secret Agent Johnny Bravo

don't wanna be who i am anymore
i'm sick of the same old life
i wanna work for the cia
i wanna do something right

'cause i don't wanna live like that, no-o
i don't wanna live like that, no-o
don't hit me with a baseball bat, no-o
i don't wanna live like that

i wanna be a secret agent
form a new whole identity
change my name to johnny bravo
so nobody will mess with me

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19. Be My Baby

the night we met i knew i needed you so
and if i had the chance i'd never let you go
so won't you say you love me i'll make you so proud of me
we'll make them turn their heads every place we go

so won't you please (be my be my baby)
be my little baby (my one and only baby)
say you'll be my darlin' (be my be my baby)
be my baby now oh ho ho ho

i'll make you happy baby just wait and see
for every kiss you give me i'll give you three
since the day i saw you i've been waiting for you
you know i will adore you till eternity

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20. ryhtaeL yendyS

sydney leathyr

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