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Lyrics - Split

1. Too Late
2. Judy Jetson
3. When I Get Over You
4. I Don't Like It
5. Glue Sniff Death Shocker
6. Let's Go To Haddonfield
7. He Better Stay Away From My Girl
8. It's Always Christmas At My House
9. Donna A.
10. Pogo Beach
11. Stonehill U.
12. Jenna OD'D Last Week
13. Karen Elson
14. Density
15. Theo
16. Alleged
17. Jackie Is An Athiest

1. Too Late

i don't wanna see you crying anymore
i don't wanna hear you whining anymore
i don't wanna catch you knocking at my door
oh no oh oh no
i'm just sitting here thinking to myself
i'd rather be at home hanging by myself
i don't think that i need any of your help
oh no oh oh no

and oh i'm tired of the aggravation
oh i'm sick of this dumb situation
oh i'm trying to break out but then it's

too late i'm talking to myself
i don't need anybody else
i'm doing just fine on my own
nobody listens to me anyway
to anything i've got to say
so why don't you just leave me alone

i don't wanna see your pictures anymore
i don't wanna hear your stories anymore
i don't wanna catch you sleeping on my floor
oh no oh oh no
and i'm tired of the infatuation
oh i'm sick of this same situation
oh i'm trying to break out but then it's

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2. Judy Jetson

this song sounds just like the last one
and the next one and the one after that one
it's another silly silly silly silly song
and my guess is that it's gonna be a sing-a-long

just reapeat the same words a bunch of times
say oh oh if you can't think of any other lines (?)
so don't beat me up i'm a space cadet (?)
rocket scientist ghoulie ghoul head (?)

will you be my judy jetson
will you be my space girl oh yeah

i'm cotton she's polyester (?)
i'm hunnigan she's calitago (?)
i'm fun man she's jawbreaker (?)
i couldn't think of any other metaphors to sound it better

i'm shallow she's all leather (?)
i'm new york she's las vegas

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3. When I Get Over You

seems like i'm seeing you now more than ever before
our time together hasen't seen bad weather
since you walked out my door
but your not taking my calls
and your not looking my way
i feel so silly when i walk past the deli
this is what i'd wanna say

you're not the only one that's got me on her mind
a lot of other girls wanna treat me like that
so you better get in line

but it's not true it's not cruel it'll be so cool
when i get over you

i'm not hurt i'm just taking my time
and thinking about revenge
so go ahead and laugh as i'm limping on past
with all your little friends
i'm not crying there's no tear in my eye
i'm not giving you the joy
of knowing i mean thinking that you crushed the heart
of a stupid little boy

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4. I Don't Like It

you, you and me
tend to disagree
but you, you've gone too far
cause you, you broke my heart

i don't like it
i don't like it
i don't like it baby
i don't like it

you, you had to go
cause i, was going to slow
but you, you've gone to far
cause you, you broke my heart

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5. Glue Sniff Death Shocker

mommy's on the couch watching tv
daddy's hugging up with jimmy bean
bobby's in his closet sniffin' glue
cause he ain't got nothing better to do

some people like to blame the usa
for everything that goes wrong today
they sit around and watch the world go down the drain
if springer's a re-run i'll go insane

it's a glue sniff death shocker
it's a glue sniff death shocker

bobby's got a friend hooked on lsd
then heroin and cocaine golly gee
there's nothing him and bobby they won't do
move on to gas when they run out of glue

some people like to blame politics
for everything that makes the world so sick
they lie they cheat they steal they're an evil breed
a lazy-boy and cable is all we need

some people like to blame the usa
for everything that goes wrong today
they sit and watch the world go down the drain
while bobby's overdosing they just complain

6. Let's Go To Haddonfield

twenty years ago he took away his sisters life
there's still one left that's still alive
and he's on the loose tonight

run run jamie lee
run as fast as you can
run run jamie lee
away from the boogie man

let's go down to haddonfield
that poor girl her fate is sealed
his psycho mind just can't be healed
oh no oh yeah

micheal's on a mission and the nightmare's just begun
it's halloween and the mask is on so it's time to
have some fun

go go donnie p
go catch him if you can
go go donnie p
and catch that boogieman

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7. He Better Stay Away From My Girl

you know i've seen that boy
when she's walking down the street
start starin' her down
but it's alright cause i know
that it's me she's thinking about

so all you other pukes can just throw in the towel
don't bother waitin' cause it's gonna be awhile
and she don't even care about you anyhow
yeah that girl's got her sights on me

he better
he better stay away from my girl

you know i saw that kid
on the avenue last night
he thinks i'm kidding around if he doesn't back off
well there's gonna be a fight
she's gonna beat the punk down

i can't wait to see his face
whe he pops his jaw back into place
he'll feel like such a disgrace
when he wakes up in that wooden case
cause when they found his cracked head
thought for sure that he was dead
and i don't think he'll bother her no more

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8. It's Always Christmas At My House

the tree's still standing in the living room
the wrapping paper's still on the floor
the bulbs are burnt out on the string of lights
that's still hangin' round our door
cookies and milk are still in place
next to unoppened christmas card
the neighbors point and laugh at the plastic rudolph in the yard

it doesn't matter if it's march, may or july
so come on over and we'll have a real good time

it's always christmas (christmas)
it's always christmas woh oh oh
it's always christmas at my house

little rusty's all covered in tinsel
and snot's covered in bows
cousin eddy's gonna make us laugh
with that eggnog on his nose
audrey's gonna complain and whine
till both grandparent's go
clark and ellen are saying goodnight underneath the mistletoe

it doesn't matter if it's winter, spring or fall
the merry christmas sign will be hangin' on the wall

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9. Donna A.

you sing tunes about checkin' it out
you're lookin' for blood
you wanna get some stuff
you say you wanna shake in the action
with some leather on leather
speed demon party action

c'mon girl let's hook it up
we're both too fast for love
you make me hot and outta my mind
with a girl like you i'm hyperactive all night

donna a you're an american teenage rock n' roll machine
donna a i want you to get skintight with me
donna a just wait till i get you alone backstage
donna a i'm gonna make you mine tonight

hey get outta my room
'cause you're bands a zero and i didn't like you anyway
donna do you wanna go out with me
cause' you're a highschool yum yum teenage runaway
let's huff all night hot boxin' alright
everybody's smokin' cheeba
you wanna hang out with lana and stevey
i'm you're rock n roll boy so baby take me sleezy

you're singin' gimme my radio
searchin' the streets for well done friday fun
oh yeah let's go mano
we'll hang the dj cause' the radio sucks
i know its only radio i don't wanna go yeah doin' donuts sucks

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10. Pogo Beach

its summertime and there ain't no beach in sight
i don't got a speedo or have a tana and its 110 outside
no surfer girls to flirt with but i got a beach boys tape inside
air conditions on and new converse so i'm kinda sorta alright

pogo beach
pogo beach
pogo beach party tonight

pogo beach luau at my apartment tonight
we got hawaiian drinks and we're all gonna get lei'd
tiki torches grass skirts and silly elvis hawaiian films
chixdiggit's got a better beach song and so do the riverdales

got a sandbox on the patio to build sandcastles in
got a mtx cd too
got a kung fu monkeys 7 inch and little umbrellas for the drinks
we stole from bunihana's
gonna have a pogo beach par-tee-to-night alright

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11. Stonehill U.

trish said "come stay in the girls dorm tonight"
"we can drink coffee stay up all night" yeah
pretty pretty pretty pretty only only want to taste your lucky charms
cram for a final exam with you ooo ooo

slumber party at stonehill u.
i just wanna make out
paint my fingernails glitter and kissy kiss smoochy smooch

the flyer in the girls romm stall sez vote for andrea
botticelli i thought that was a painting or somethin'
stuck in my sleeping bag can't get the zipper undone
and ferrah's makin' eyes at my makeup eyes

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12. Jenna OD'D Last Week

jenna overdosed last week she shot up too much smack
now she's left us all for good she's never comin' back
no more thorazine hits no more screaming hissy fits
jenna's dead and no one really seems to give a shit


jenna overdosed last week she shot up too much dope
guess life finally got her down so much she couldn't cope
she used to hang out sometimes shoot up dope with me
jenna's dead and i don't feel in the least bit shitty

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13. Karen Elson

karen your hairs really really fun
do you wanna come over and watch some kung fu movies
i got masters of tiger crane and street fighter one thru three with sonny chiba

super sugarpops
karen elson i just wanna park with you

i can't read a word of french or italian vogue
but the pictures still look far out cool
meet me at 7a and we can pretend that we can pretend
i'm heather #1 and you're heather #2

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14. Density

i wanna be your density
i wanna be a chelsea/niki
will you watch dexters laboratory with me
you're like 7 minutes fast and i'm 3

i wanna
i wanna be your density

cause' i think you 9 or 7 times a day
cause' we go together like kate moss and vogue magazine
watch shalom walk town the runway

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15. Theo

theo sweetie wish you were here with me at 3am
watchin' speed racer on someone else's digital cable now
and if i had a mach 5 mebbe you'd be my trixie
and i'd wear my elm street tattoo t-shirt
you know the one that sez oliver on it oh yeah

theo let's kiss like we're starcrossed lovers
find new places everyday to go now

theo girl if i was in your arms tonight
i wouldn't feel like a wierdo creep alright now
theo sweetie wish it was so cold out like a slap in the face
and we could go ride on the subway on the l train to brooklyn
and we can hold hands down bedford ave. to the l cafe
for a cup of coffee to go and a kiss from your sweet lips alright yeah

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16. Alleged

will you be my alleged lovebird
i'll be your alleged songbird
my double action love and money drawing lucky candle
i got at the doller store what a neat little score
now i don't have to cross my fingers anymore
or be a superstitious bore

'cause you're my alleged love and allegedly you're supposed to be
requiting my love back to me
hopefully one day soon you'll be
allegedly in love with me and can i be you're alleged sweetie
'cuz i love you allegedly don't take it personally
its not a tradgedy
its not casually or pimply simply its allegedly

i know you are but what am i?

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17. Jackie Is An Athiest

met her at the squirtgun show
punk girl with frizzy hair
she was such an imbecile
and thought her height wasn't fair

she don't care what we say
she won't listen, no way
whe wants the band to just shut up and play

jackie o, jackie is an atheist
jackie says she won't change her mind
jackie o, jackie is an atheist
just give her some time

she drops by every saturday
and calls cliff every night
she listens to all the huntingtons records
and gets every word right

she's such a cool young girl
but sometimes i just don't know
if what she believes is real
or she's too scared to just let go

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