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Lyrics - Fun And Games

Fun And Games
1. Alison's The Bomb
2. Bubblegum Girl
3. Lucy's About To Lose Her Mind
4. The Only One
5. Huntingtons At The Beach
6. All She Knows (Is Breakin' My Heart)
7. Losing Penny
8. She's A Brat
9. Friday Nights At The Rec
10. Goddess And The Geek
11. Don't Beat Me Up
12. Crackhead
13. Leave Home
14. Come On Let's Go

1. Alison's The Bomb

where did that girl come from
must have been straight outta heaven
and in---to my life
she makes me feel complete
and she treats me oh so sweet
and now i'm feelin' allright

there's not another like her
in the whole wide world
she's just the coolest
little punk rock girl whoa-whoa

alison's the bomb
alison's the bomb and you know she's just so rad

she took my breath away
when i met her that summer day
playing at the rock and roll show
she's always on my mind
and if she was mine
you know i'd never let her go

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2. Bubblegum Girl

met this girl at the fashion bug
wanted to give her a great big hug
i asked her where she's from i was acting really dumb
can't believe she asked me for a piece of my gum

the day i met her
we ran all over town
i won't forget how
we threw our wrappers on the ground oh-oh yeah

she's alright on the radio
here it goes oh-oh-oh-oh
a chance like this isn't one i wanna miss
wouldn't trade it even for a chance to meet kiss

she's my bubblegum girl
bu-bu-bu-bu bubblegum girl

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3. Lucy's About To Lose Her Mind

lucy's about to lose her mind
but that's okay man cause' it won't be her first time
she sits around and goes insane
i try to help but she says it's not the same

she's not looking for
anybody's help
she's gonna figure it out by herself

lucy lucy lucy lucy
lucy's about to lose her mind

lucy's about to lose her mind
she's tired of waiting she's gonna break down and cry
she's mullin' over it again
but when you ask she'll be the first to say nothin'

well you can say she's crazy when she starts to shout
cause nobody ever understands just what she's screaming about
and you can say she's lost it hangin' out her window
yellin' at all the punks down in the street below

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4. The Only One

you talk about me like i'm not even there
you must think i'm a loser and i don't even care

but when you smile and say
you want me to go away
that's when i know that
everything is okay

you're the only one that i'm dreamin' of
and i think it's so rad
cause' when i look at you i know it's love
of a different type whoa-oh-oh-whoa-yeah

you make me look so stupid in front of all my friends
you want to make time to love me but the fighting never ends

and when i kneel to pray
and thank god for you each day
that's when i know that
everything is okay

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5. Huntingtons At The Beach

all the girls and guys will be there hangin' out in the sun
schools out and the time is right for havin' lots of fun
leave the van parked in the driveway and mom will have a cow
then we can head down to the surf even though we don't know how

let's go to the beach
come on let's go right now

beach boys on the radio to start this thing off right
cruise around in this car of mine till day gives way to night
we'll come home with our skin burnt up and our trunks all full of sand
and mom's screamin' at the top of her lungs cliff you better move that van

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6. All She Knows (Is Breakin' My Heart)


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7. Losing Penny

penny why did you go away?
i thought that you would stay forever
you said your love for me is dead
now you've messed up my head but i remember

you told me that is was your dream come true oh-oh-oh
but you woke up and now you say we're through oh-oh-oh
my friends are tellin' me hey man leave it be
but i'm cryin' every night your not with me

penny was it something that i said?
did i forget to make my bed or fail you
so smart is he why we are apart
did he run into you're heart and derail you?

well i gave you all i had and so much more oh-oh-oh
you gave me one last kiss and closed the door oh-oh-oh

well i took your letters and i ripped them up oh-oh-oh
it's all my fault i acted like a chump oh-oh-oh

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8. She's A Brat

when she was young nobody wanted to babysit her
now she's all grown up and all i want to do is hit her
yeah she's such a pain she's rattling my brain
she's so annoying and she's going to drive me insane

she's a brat
and she's always at my door
she's a brat
i can't stand that girl no more
yeah yeah yeah
she's a brat

she steals the candy from the kids on halloween
knocks over all the trashcans in the neighborhood how mean

she likes to run around and scream and yell all night
look at her funny and she'll try to pick a fight
all the neighbors say her heads not screwed on tight
yeah there's something about that girl that ain't right

some people say it's just a form of self expression
i don't care somebody out to teach that girl a lesson

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9. Friday Nights At The Rec

friday nights at the rec
friday nights are the best
we're gonna twist and shout all night
find a girl that's just my type
and you know she'll be out of sight
because it's friday night

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10. Goddess And The Geek

i don't know much about anything
but i know that i like you (?)
i see you walking down the hall
but i don't know what to do

cause i wanna talk to you
but i don't know what to say
i just don't know what you'll think
you look so cool hangin' after school
and i'm such a geek whoa-oh-oh-oh

do my homework saturday night
like i always do
instead of thinkin' bout algebra
i'm only thinkin' bout you

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11. Don't Beat Me Up

walk down the street and i see you from my way
i look at you you look at me
but none of words are said (?)
i walk on right by you
but to my surprise
you're comin' up behind me
with four other guys

you said that your the man (?)
and i am just a geek
you gotta lot of problems
you take them out on me
well you can take my wallet
you can take my shoes
they follow you just wannabes (?)
just what you trying to prove

you think you're really something
you hit just like your mom
well if your going to do it better take you best shot
i know it's going to hurt you
just upside my face and numb (?)
but you won't be the first jock
that put me in the hospital

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12. Crackhead

you're strung out on cocaine every single day
you're whole life's in shambles in every single way
you smoke dope you rest checked you smoked all the rest (?)
you're diggin' in your pocket but you're money's almost spent

you come to the man and try to score on him (?)
why don't you stop why don't you quit
cause you're a crackhead
and that's all you'll ever be
you're a crackhead
and you're not thinking about me
you're a crackhead
and i wanna try to help
but you're a crackhead
you wanna do it all yourself

you started on first though but you hadn't really grew (?)
stealin' from the corner store and mom and daddy too
you lost all of your faith you lost all of your friends (?)
you're tasted and your wasted and your high it never ends (?)

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13. Leave Home

note on my door said son we got to chat
got things to chat over love mom and dad
don't mean to hurt you it's just better this way
we're awful sorry you're welcome to stay but

we're leaving home

miss mom's home cooking and dad's stupid jokes
where are they now i guess nobody knows
sunny hawaii or montego bay
when i read that note i can still hear them say

i got a postcard and you say that you're alright
birthday's ther come and go still you're no where in sight
no mother to tuck me in my bed tonight
no father ther to help me with the christmas lights

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14. Come On Let's Go

well, come on let's go, let's go, little darlin'
tell me that you'll never leave me
come on, come on, let's go again and again and again and again

well, now swing me, swing me all the way darling
come on, let's go little darling
lets go, let's go again once more

well, i love you so yeah and i'll never let you go
come on baby soon
oh pretty baby i love you so

well, let's go, let's go, let's go little sweetheart
and then we can always be together
come on, come on let's go again

well, let's go, let's go, let's go little darling
wherever we'll be alone yeah
come on, come on let's go and again and again and again and again

well, come on, come on, come on little darling
come on we'll always be together
come on, come on little darling
and again and again and again

come on, come on little darling
come on, come on little darling
come on, come on little darling
and again and again and again

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