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Line-Up Changes

Why do members quit so much, huh? well, it's been pretty different for each of them. here's the lowdown: (1) Bradley...was let go from the band for various reasons, he was a great musician but he just wasn't cutting it at the time on a personal level. (2) A.J....quit because his family was moving to Arizona and, having just finished high school, he felt a bit scared about staying behind. Plus, honestly, AT THAT TIME we didn't exactly foster a very condusive environment for acting very Godly. He was letting himself get a bit out of control and felt that leaving would help him on the spiritual end of things. We're still very good friends and he decided Arizona was kinda lame and joined Squad Five-O and is now touring a bunch (just like us). Oh, by the way, in the last several months we have dealt with the environment around the band and are doing much better keeping things clean. (3) Mikey...this one's pretty simple. Mikey and his wife Jeannie (yes, from the song) had just birthed their third child and he knew he had to leave. He was unable to tour and even local shows and band practices were becoming a burden to him. This was a difficult decision to make, but one he felt he had to make. I still talk to Mikey all the time. Expect to see him back in the band some day. (4) Danny #1...this was A. J.'s brother who played drums on tour for us the summer of 1998. He was never an official member and when the tour was done so was he. He is an amazing drummer and will be joining Squad Five-O as their full time drummer in January of 2000. (5) official member, but never a permanent one. Davey is also quite the amazing drummer and was helping us out on drums for most of 1999. His real band is called Blaster the Rocketman and is from Indiana. When the tour ended in early October he left to go back home and work on his "real" band. Davey is currently on the road for a 3 1/2 week jaunt with, who else, Squad Five-O (does anyone see a pattern developing here?). (6) C. J....we got the news upon arriving home from tour in October that the fabulous C. J. Huntington was also leaving the band. C. J. has, thus far, been in the band longer then any other non-original Huntington (about 14 months). C. J. decided that Ramones style music isn't fully his bag and is going to put together a sort of New York Dolls, Iggy Pop, Dead Boys type of thing. He's a great guitarist and I'm sure he'll be just fine. Okay, that's pretty much everyone who has ever left the band. Well, there was Tommy...we let him go purely on a personality basis, or rather, crisis. Sometimes people click and sometimes they don't. The current lineup is as follows: Mikey - Vocals/Bass, Cliffy - Guitar/Vocals, Danny #2- Drums and our brand new guitarist is J. J. Huntington. He is from Philadelphia, you kids'll love him. later...Cliffy Huntington