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This column was taken out of Burnt Toast zine. The stuff in bold is Scott asking questions and the normal writing is everyone's favorite rock n' roll stars the Huntingtons!

What was it like being on tour?
It was surprisingly fantastic. It was a very successful tour, and we had a lot of fun. We did 30 shows in 30 days. As far as attendance, almost every show had over a hundred people, about like any Tooth and Nail band that's touring. Three shows had attendance over 300. We came home without losing any money. We broke even on everything, and we're still not in debt. We fought on the road; we really had to learn to be on the road together for a month straight. That was the most time we've ever spent together. We're learning more and more how to be with each other together. We're going to go out again with One.21 in mid-June and later on with Slick Shoes (Tooth and Nail) and Craig's Brother (another new Tooth and Nail band). We've gotten really, really tight, and we're learning what not to do.

How do you feel about all of the releases that have come out this year from the Huntingtons?
Well, I wish that The Ramones came out last year. We could have done a lot better on that after hearing the way Fun and Games turned out. The artwork's great for The Ramones' album. The same with Fun and Games; the artwork's really great. Mass [Giorgini, the producer (Lookout! Records)] did a great job on Fun and Games. We're really happy with it. Our next album is going to be called High School Rock, and we're going to record in the same studio, but have more time. The single that Flying Tart put out was cool, but the artwork sucked. It looked like a Joe Christmas cover. That's cool, but just doesn't fit with our style. We're excited to do the 7" with Velvet Blue. It's our first chance to do a whole 7" by ourselves. It will be a cool thing to sell at shows.

How does it feel to be on Tooth and Nail now?
A guy from Lookout called us and said that he wonders why we even thought about being on Lookout since Tooth and Nail's more popular. I'm glad to be on Tooth and Nail; we're all highly excited. It's the place we always wanted to be, regardless of what happened in the past. I really like the new Cootees album. It's one of my favorite things right now. I really like Upside-Down Room, too, glad that they're still on Tooth and Nail. With Flying Tart, we had to act like bill collectors to get them to pay. We were always hassling to get things done for us. It's totally different with Tooth and Nail. We sent in an expense report for the album recording, and the money's already on its way to Mass. They're fast, cool, and care. Tooth and Nail really know's what they're doing, and they're good at it. Hopefully, we'll get Christian and secular promotion. Dan Vapid from Screeching Weasel and The Riverdales, he's the bass player, is going to be doing some singing on the album. Joe Queer did some on Fun and Games.

So what about Flying Tart?
Flying Tart really sucks. We said that often. For any bands out there, hang up the phone if they call looking for your band. Right now, they have really crappy distribution. So, if you see the new L.S.U. or Circle of Dust when they ever come out, buy them when you see them, you won't get another chance.

What's your deal with Tooth and Nail?
It's a five album deal, one definite with two options for two albums each. Only one is guaranteed, but it's likely that we'll do them all. I think we're different for the punk market. A lot of people are starting to look at us as a real band. I've never seen a bad review for Fun and Games. CCM said that the production's not up to par (Scott says, "Yeah, Mass from Lookout doesn't know how to record a punk album."), but if we got better production, we could sell in the MxPx range. We got a great review in Maximum Rock and Roll; we were in the top 10 for the month. We'd like to do the next album on vinyl, but we'll see. It's definitely coming out on cassette. We want blue vinyl and want the sticker on the album to look like the cd artwork.

Anything else going on right now?
We're hoping to buy a used van to go on tour. We really want to go and record the album of our lives in early December, not one thing on there that we don't want on there. It's going to come out in early May. It's already on the Tooth and Nail release schedule. It's called High School Rock, and we're having a 7" on Velvet Blue called "You're Not Right". There's no "the" in Huntingtons. Oh yeah, HM [Magazine] did a full-review with a picture of the Ramones' album in the indie section in the last issue. I guess that's it.

-Scott Hatch