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This interview was taken out of Fuel Magazine. The stuff in bold is Chris asking questions and the normal writing is Mikey Huntington, the intro is also done by Chris.

On some street corner in New Yawk, the spirit of old punk rock dreamt up the Huntingtons. Although the latter call Delaware their home base, their music has carried on the tradition of punk pioneers while setting the clubs a-blaze with their blindin' baseball bat fury. Yet while the godfathers of garage prepare for retirement, their devoted spawn are just getting started.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is the Huntingtons' sixth full-length release (along with one EP). It was recorded live in Newark, Delaware, by Nicky Rotundo (the guitarist for Jade Tree label's band Walleye). He used the Clay Creek Analog Mobile Unit, the venue was Downstair's at Nick's. No overdubs; no prissy fussin' around one bit. The xerox booklet the CD comes with says it all: This is flat-out buzzsaw full-tempo east coast o.g. Punk rock, captured in its raw vitality, just like the grainy photographs show the band delivering their songs.

Now, with File Under Ramones coming out, the perfect Ramones covers album, the band is preparing for world domination in 4/4 time.

Mikee Huntington (drums) and Mikey Huntington (bass guitar) serve up jackhammer rythm section duties, while Mikey then snarls it up on top of buzzsaw geetah-ists Cliffy and C. Jay Huntington.

The band Continues to change and record since the release of that live album, and the following interview with Mikey Huntington sheds a little spittle on all of it.

How'd Winterfest go?
It went really well. We don't get out that way (Pacific Northwest) too much so it was cool to hang out with the people that we know in that area. I think most of the kids were there to see the Supertones, but we still had alot of people watch our set.

I wasn't able to make it but Lucky Ryan went and videotaped it for me. You guys were the bomb; I loved it when your new guy became a rock casualty.
Yeah, C. Jay, out new guitarist, cut his hand on the fourth song in our set. He didn't bother telling us he needed to stop and get a band aid. Instead, he just kept rockin' right through to the end. He had blood streaks all over the front of his guitar. He's a real trooper.

-Chris Estey