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The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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Recorded Live in Newark, Delaware.

1999 Tooth And Nail Records
22 song CD
Produced by the Huntingtons and Nicky Rotundo

Song List:
1. Pencil Neck
2. I Don't Wanna Sit Around With You
3. Dies Saught
4. Wimpy Drives Through Harlem
5. We Don't Care
6. FFT
7. Aloha, It's You
8. Don't Beat Me Up
9. Goddess And The Geek
10. JW
11. Alison's The Bomb
12. She's A Brat
13. I Don't Want You
14. I'm No Good
15. All She Knows
16. Bubblegum Girl
17. Veronica
18. She's Alright
19. Jeannie Hates The Ramones
20. Drexel U
21. Cracked
22. Rock 'N' Roll Girl