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Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

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Huntingtons first full length original release. Not mastered.

1996 Flying Tart Recording CO.
20 song CD
Produced by the Huntingtons

Song List:
1. I Really Don't Like It
2. Mom's In Rehab
3. JW
4. She's Probably Over Me
5. Nicki Loves Her LSD
6. She's So Uncool
7. You Again
8. Martin's Pretty Girls
9. She's Comin' To The Show
10. Teenage Queen
11. She's Alright
12. Rock N' Roll Girl
13. Heidi Hates Me
14. Veronica
15. Drexel U
16. Heavy Metal's Alive In Baltimore
17. There She Goes
18. Secret Agent Johnny Bravo
19. Be My Baby
20. ryhtael yendyS