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Starball Contribution Starball Contribution
1996 Flying Tart
20 Song CD

A bunch of bands on Flying Tart at the time, basically just a sampler. Huntingtons do a Go-Go's cover called "We Got The Beat," which is only on this compilation.
Song List:
1. Out Of My Head (Phantasmic)
2. Dead Horse Grin (Duraluxe)
3. I Really Don't Like It (Huntingtons)
4. J. I. S. (One 21)
5. Wake Up, Christine (The Julies)
6. Two Girls And A Guy (Left Out)
7. Makes Me Wanna... (Aleixa)
8. You're Special To Me (Joe Christmas)
9. Warped And Twisted (Plague Of Ethyls)
10. Dura (Duraluxe)

11. Motorcycle Daddy (Stratochief)
12. Chewing On Hate (Situation Taboo)
13. Convoy (Fluffy)
14. We Got The Beat (Huntingtons)
15. Saturday Night (Left Out)
16. I Love Rock-N-Roll (Joe Christmas)
17. "J" Friends (Seven Foot Politic)
18. Eyes Without A Face (Phantasmic)
19. You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch (Sixpence None The Richer)
20. Give A Little Laughter (Don Ho)