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A split CD featuring the Huntingtons and Darlington.

2000 Melted Records
17 Song CD
Produced by Holt/Powell & "The Gannon"

Song List:
1. Too Late
2. Judy Jetson (Darlington cover)
3. When I Get Over You
4. I Don't Like It
5. Glue Sniff Death Shocker
6. Let's Go To Haddonfield
7. He Better Stay Away From My Girl
8. It's Always Christmas At My House
9. Donna A.
10. Pogo Beach
11. Stonehill U.
12. Jenna OD'D Last Week
13. Karen Elson
14. Density
15. Theo
16. Alleged
17. Jackie Is An Atheist (Huntingtons cover)