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Songs From The Penalty Box Vol. 3 Songs From The Penalty Box Vol. 3
1999 Tooth And Nail
15 Song CD

Another cool Tooth and Nail sampler with a bunch of good punk and industrial bands.
Song List:
1. American War Machine (Huntingtons)
2. Rest Assured (Dogwood)
3. Apocalypse Now (Squad Five-0)
4. King Of The Closet (Blindside)
5. Imitation (Short Handed)
6. Out Break (Ninety Pound Wuss)
7. Let Down (Fanmail)
8. There Will Be NO More Scum (Frodus)
9. General Delivery (The Undecided)

10. Staff Sgt. Skreba (Dingees)
11. Away With You (Slick Shoes)
12. Nothing But The Heavy (For Love Not Lisa)
13. Lonely Girl (Craig's Brother)
14. Haven (Blenderhead)
15. Acquiesce (Ghoti Hook)
16. Easier Said Than Done (MxPx)
17. I'm Not Going Downtown (Huntingtons)