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Velvet Blue Music Nashville Revolt Sampler Nashville Revolt Sampler
1998 Velvet Blue Music
13 Song CD

The Huntingtons song on this sampler is on their 7" so if you don't have a turntable get this CD!
Song List:
1. The Villa (LN)
2. Honky Tonk Rollin' Fool (The Calicoes)
3. El Rey (The Lassie Foundation)
4. Los Angeles (Denison Whitmer)
5. Epson: The Anxious Bench (Jetenderpaul)
6. D.B. (Pony Express)
7. Out Of Place (Lugsole)

8. Pretty In Pink (Fine China)
9. Travels (Sal Paradise)
10. Rainbow Rider Country (Rainbow Rider)
11. I Got You (Bob Antosea)
12. You're Not Right (Huntingtons)
13. With Out (In A Lonely Place)